Stories of Family Businesses


People like to hear/read stories. And the stories about ‘real’ people are more interesting than fictional ones unless, of course, the fictional one is Harry Potter!

Then I ask myself why are these stories interesting? Why do people want to read about other people; people they do not even know? people, they may of only heard of? Or maybe, not even have heard of?

And I look around myself and the people around me.  I find that everyone believes that they are living in uncertain times. If the times are good the uncertainty is how long will the good times last? If the times are bad the uncertainty is will we be able to last through these adverse times?

What keeps us going, and keeps the belief in ourselves strong, is the thought that there are other people who may have faced similar, or worse, situations. And if they could make it through then why not us?

Stories about people making ‘good out of challenging times’, to keep our belief in ourselves strong, have always been part of our story-telling. And in modern day there are enough and more stories of people succeeding even when faced with challenges. The stories about successful sportsmen, actors, politicians are out there for people to read. To this list I am adding the segment of family business owners.

Thus whether the stories are about success, or even failure on the way to success, the readers are likely to identify with the characters and the stories. The readers can then decide, individually of course, of what they take away from each story of success or failure.