Sonu Bhasin

Sonu Bhasin is the Founder of FAB – Families And Business. She is also the Editor – in – Chief of the Families & Business magazine. Her full profile can be seen at https://www.linkedin.com/in/sonu-bhasin-7b55727/

Sonu Bhasin is one of the early and senior women professionals in the industry. In her career of over 30 years, she has set up and managed large businesses, and diverse teams, across financial and non-financial sectors in India and overseas.

Sonu has led various businesses in senior leadership positions during her corporate career. She began as a TAS (Tata Administrative Service) Officer with the Tata Group and spent 13 years with the Group before becoming a Banker. As a Banker, she was a Director at ING Barings, President Axis Bank, Group President Yes Bank before going back to the Tatas as COO Tata Capital Limited.

Currently, Sonu is an Independent Director on Boards of companies including Whirlpool, Mahindra First Choice Services, Transcorp International, Sutlej Textiles, Max Speciality Films, and PNB MetLife India Insurance Company Limited. She is on the Advisory Boards of Dharma Life and My Mobile.

Sonu now focuses on Family Businesses and is the Founder of FAB – Families And Business, an Advisory Firm for Family Business Owners that work towards creating awareness of matters of family, which when overlooked or not addressed, can bring down running businesses. FAB works with the Patriarchs and the Inheritors of family businesses through its outreach programmes – Workshops and Seminars. The outreach to the gen-next is carried out by regular interaction with students in Business Schools. These include running specially designed semester courses for family businesses for students.

As a Banker, she helped many Family Business Owners work their way successfully within the family related complexities. She has seen small Family Businesses grow to be large and successful while on the other side she has also seen successful Family Businesses failing to perpetuate. Therefore, she understands what it takes for a Family Business to prosper as well as the frustration that Owners go through when they are unable to find answers to family problems which prevent their businesses from prospering and perpetuating. She has the experience of working with Family Business Owners and helping them to settle matters for their betterment. Some of the areas in which she has personal expertise are: looking at the Family Business through the prism of Family dynamics; bringing the Inheritors to the Business; organizing the Governance of the Business and the Family; dealing with cultural issues in the Families. It is with this deep insight that she leads the team at FAB to get the Families to focus on matters of family that have a direct bearing on their Business.

Today, Sonu is the Editor -in- Chief of Families & Business magazine – India’s only stand-alone dedicated magazine that addresses the concerns of multi-generational Family Businesses in India and overseas. In the soft format, the magazine goes out to over 2 million individuals in India and overseas. There is also a quarterly print edition of the magazine.

Sonu’s book The Inheritors – Stories of Entrepreneurship and Success, published by Penguin Random House has won critical acclaim both in India and overseas. The Foreword for the book has been written by Mr. Anand Mahindra. The Inheritors is a behind-the-scenes look at the business families that own and control some of the most prominent and big Indian business houses. The stories of each business and its owner focus on the culture, family politics, business rivalries and ego battles within each family. Overall, The Inheritors is a celebration of the entrepreneurial spirit of the Family Business Owners.