Made in Indiaand in the US – Gunjan Sinha, Tech entrepreneur

Made in Indiaand in the US – Gunjan Sinha, Tech entrepreneur

You can take an Indian away from the shores of his or her country, but the spirit of India always remains in their heart. Tech entrepreneur, Gunjan Sinha, hugely successful in the United States, exemplifies this truism.

Gunjan – born in Ranchi and educated in Delhi, wanted to do well and do good at an early age. Even during his days at IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) he dreamt of his own start up that would bring real change in the lives of people. He went to the United States for higher studies and after working for Olivetti for three years, he struck out on his own. He set up a company called Parsec Communications in 1993 which catered to as he calls it ‘the real needs of the market.’

The era of the search engine on the internet had dawned and Gunjan moved in quickly to set up his own search engine called ‘WhoWhere’. WhoWhere was a huge success and he sold the search engine to tech giant Lycos in a huge deal that gave him confidence and resources to start other projects with friends and family.

Family was the operative word in all his future plans. He set up Rigalix and Design Everest with his father, sister and brother in law who was also from IIT. He set up a slew of companies that were not only profitable but also gave him the opportunity to take a call on issues that appealed to his social conscience. Working closely with the State Department in the US, he played an active role in setting up an India – US Tech fund under the patronage of then Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. The fund extends financial and other help to Indian and American entrepreneurs.

Gunjan is excited by future innovations in automation and Artificial Intelligence but he is clear about the end goal in these sunrise industries. As he says, the idea is that these ‘innovations should help billions in the real world rather than create billions for a few!’ He strongly feels that the purpose of technology is to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor and create real value benefitting people.

At the end of the day, nothing gives him more pleasure but to see his family whole heartedly support his vision. His daughter, all of seventeen years old….runs a website called ….that has more than three and half million followers! She is passionate about empowerment for girls and women and her passion finds its way in her website.

All the monetary success and praise for work in the social sector cannot compare with the invaluable moments Gunjan spends with his family. His family – he, his wife, daughter and ten-year-old son – all bond over the latest Bollywood film. His son proudly carries a bat to his American school, where he flaunts the heroics of his idol Virat Kohli! The pride in all things Indian never goes away. Aakhirdilhae Hindustani!