Richard Isham, Partner Wedlake Bell, welcomes the participants to the seminar.

The opening remarks are given by Richard.

Sonu Bhasin, Founder & Managing Partner FAB,  sets the context for the seminar by focusing on the challenges faced by Family Businesses.

The first session – Ownership versus Management – is launched by Sonu Bhasin.

Clare Armitage, Senior Associate at Wedlake Bell, talks of the nuances of Ownership versus Management within a Family Business.

Clare Armitage, Senior Associate Wedlake Bell, dives deeper into  the various methods of looking at Ownership of the Family Business without affecting the management of it.

Sharad Somany, 3rd Generation Family Business Owner, takes the audience through the practical matters of separating Ownership of the Family Business from  Managing it.

Sharad shares his personal experiences as a Family Business Owner.

Rosalyn Breedy, Partner Wedlake Bell, kicks off the Session on Non-Family Members in Family Businesses.

Rosalyn Breedy gives examples of non-family members adding value to the Family Business.

A comment made by Alain Mestat, Managing Partner Luxinvest, gets Arjun Sharma, Chairman Select Group, to respond.

Arjun Sharma shares his experiences of working with non-family CEOs in his Family Business as Alain and Rosalyn listen in rapt attention.

The Participants working on a Group Exercise given to them by Sonu Bhasin during the session on Managing Conflict in Family Businesses .

The Panel of Speakers engage in a dialogue with the audience after the Group Exercise.

It was a full house with excellent speakers and an engaged & participative audience.