Our Expert

Juggi Bhasin
Expertise In:
  • Family Dynamics Insight
  • Counselling and Coaching
  • Communication

  • Juggi Bhasin is a best -selling author who writes crime thrillers. He is also a Behavioural Expert who understands Family Dynamics and counsels individual and/or collective Family Members.

    Juggi was one of the first television journalists in India and has many landmark coverages to his credit including the demolition of the Babri Masjid in 1992, and the coverage of the worst period in Kashmir’s militancy and insurgency. When Lok Sabha TV was launched he was the Lead Anchor.

    He made his debut as a writer in 2012 with the critically acclaimed and successful thriller, The Terrorist. Since then he has published a book each year with Penguin Random House.

    Juggi Bhasin is also a stage actor who has acted in many theatre productions with renowned directors.