iFAB Case Study Challenge

The Case Study Challenge organised by iFAB and NDIM: 2017

FAB – Families And Business is India’s first platform, set up by a team of experienced professionals, for Family Business Owners (FBO) that gets them to focus on matters of family that directly/indirectly affect the longevity of their businesses. The objective of FAB is to empower the FBOs to perpetuate their own Family Businesses for generations.

NDIM – New Delhi Institute of Management was set up in 1992 and today it is counted among the top MBA Schools of India. Further, NDIM is perhaps the only Business School in this part of the world to offer more than 200 International Projects across 20 countries to its first year students. It is known for for their placements in th emost sought after companies and their record is 100% in placements over the years. Since its inception NDIM, through its commitment to excellence has made a name for itself, its faculty and ofcourse, its students.

The Case Study Challenge (CSC) is a challenge organised by iFAB, the online learning platform of FAB, and NDIM.

In the Case Study Challenge, the students will first identify a Family Business of annual turnover between Rs. 5 crores to Rs. 25 crores. Thereafter they will do and in-depth study, in consultation with the said Family. The study needs to be on one family -related matter that affected the Family Business either positively or negatively. Students will write a case study and nominated staff of NDIM along with an eminent jury will shortlist the case studies. The shortlisted Cases will then be presented by the students to final jury. Details of the process and the awards/prizes are detailed below.

Why should students participate in the Case Study Challenge?

90% of world and Indian commerce is Family Owned. Successive research studies, including ones by EY & KPMG, point out that between 70 to 80% of the country’s GDP is contributed by Family Owned Businesses. Further, more that 75 % of jobs in India (non-government sector) are within the Family Owned Businesses. Therefore, students of management cannot ignore Family Businesses as they are the largest employers.

Family Businesses which are also Family-Run have a different approach to work and their employees. Students of management, typically, do not go through any exercise or course content which focuses on linking the family dynamics to Family Business.

The iFAB Case Study Challenge will help the students of management to get an insight into the working of the Family Businesses. It will also help them understand how family dynamics affect the working of the businesses. Eventually it will prepare them to be more effective in their jobs/roles as and when they join the work stream, whether as employees or as the next generation of Family Business Owners.

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